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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about firearms or need more information? Here are a few questions we get asked regularly. If you have more questions, please call us or complete the enquiry form and we will be in contact with you shortly.

Does Gunnery have any competitions running?

Please checkout our latest competition offerings here.

You automatically qualify for competitions when you book a slot at our shooting range here.

Does Gunnery have an online store?

We started off 2023 with an exciting new online store.

Please checkout our latest offerings here.

We do special order items that are not available online.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do offer a 3 month payment plan on New and Secondhand firearms.

Please read our Terms and Conditions below; 

Terms & conditions:

Quotes are valid for 12 hours from creation.

As a deposit, ⅓ of the purchase price will be required. Thereafter, ⅓ must be paid into the

Gunnery’s bank account by the 5th of each new month, until the full amount is paid. The rest

of the month in which you made your deposit is a “grace period”. So if a deposit is paid on

January 7th, your first instalment will be due before March 5th and your last instalment will be

due before April 5th.

You will be required to make use of the firearm licensing services offered by The fees paid to are non-refundable.

Firearms will be stored for a period of 12 months from date of sale. Thereafter, a storage fee

of R190.00 per month applies.

To refund a firearm (new or used) that is stored at Gunnery from date of sale, 25% of the total

purchase price will be deducted from the refundable amount. If you have used the firearm and

wish to return it, 40% of the total purchase price will be deducted from the refundable amount.

Should you fail to make payment by the due date, you will receive 7 days to effect the

outstanding payment. If after 7 days payment has still not been ade, Gunnery Arms &

Ammunition will have the right to cancel this agreement and refund your money into your

chosen bank account, after the applicable rates of either 25% or 40% have been deducted. If

you have submitted an application with SAPS, your application will be cancelled. If the firearm

has been licenced to you, a SAPS 534 form will be submitted and the firearm will be

transferred back to the dealer stock register of Gunnery.

Shipping is at client’s own risk. Goods remain property of Gunnery Arms & Ammo until paid in

full. An invoice will only be issued to you once the final amount has been paid.

At what age can I own a firearm?
Normally an individual needs to be 21 years of age when applying for a firearm licence.

If you are younger than 21, you can obtain a firearm under a dedicated sport shooter or hunter licence (Section 16) with parental consent.
How do I obtain a firearm licence?
Follow these 4 steps to gun ownership in South Africa:

1. Firearm Proficiency Training
2. Competency certification
3. Purchase your firearm and apply for licencing
4. Collect firearm licence from SAPS once approved

For more information, read this

Can I own more than one firearm?

Under normal circumstances, you can own up to 4 firearms - of which 2 is allowed to be handguns. 

Of the 4 firearms, one will be a self-defense firearm (section 13) and the other firearms will be licenced under section 15. 

Does Gunnery have a shooting range?

Yes, we do. Our indoor shooting range is OPEN and we offer private self-defense training and a few exciting fun shoot packages.

You can book online here

Does Gunnery sell any non lethal self-defense weapons?

We recommend purchasing a firearm for self-defense purposes, but we do stock non-lethal items such as batons, pepper spray to gas guns including Byrna Products

I need a firearm but they are expensive. Can Gunnery still assist me?

Gunnery sells pre-owned firearms at pricing that will suit all budgets.

Visit our Product webpage to view the selection of second-hand stock currently available

You can also visit our store - we are happy to assist you according to your individual firearm needs.  

My father passed away and I am in possession of his firearm. What should I do?

If you are the executor of the estate or the deceased's next of kin, visit us and bring along the following;

  • Copy of your I.D. (Certified)
  • Copy of deceased person's I.D. (Certified)
  • Copy of deceased person's death certificate (Certified)
  • Executor's letter / written affidavit for the next of kin
  • Deceased person's original firearm licence
  • Actual firearm for evaluation

If you would like to keep the firearm, we can assist you with completing the necessary paperwork and applications.

If you would like to sell the firearm, Gunnery Guns & Ammo can purchase it from you. Please contact us for a firearm evaluation.

I would like to reload my own ammunition. How do I get started?

You will need the following products to reload ammo;

  1. Reloading Press
  2. Reloading components which consists of: Propellent; Bullets; Primers and Cases

Gunnery stocks all equipment and material for reloading ammunition.

Contact us to purchase.

How do I know when I am ready for gun ownership?

If you are looking to improve your personal security or take up sports shooting, we are always available to have a discussion around your needs.

Our Range Officers at our indoor shooting range are qualified in training first-timers so you can book a session or two before starting your firearm proficiency training to get a feel for handling firearms.

How do I know if my firearm safe is SABS standard?

The safe door must be 6mm thick and the side walls must be 3mm thick.

We stock a range of SABS standard firearm safes and we are happy to install it correctly for you as an optional extra.

My partner owns a firearm. What could I buy him/her as a gift?

We stock a variety of accessories that do not require a firearm licence to purchase.

Gifting options include gift vouchers for products or a shooting experience, as well as firearm holsters, belts, cleaning kits, bulletproof vests, rifle bags and gun safes, to name a few

Visit us or give us a call for assistance with recommendations specifically for your loved one's firearm(s)

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